Finally, the “mystery” is solved about who the ring announcer was for WWF house shows at the old Boston Garden

Well, it took some time, but thanks to an anonymous person who commented on my post about recent photos of classic WWF stars, I now have the full name of the ring announcer who worked most of the house shows at the old Boston Garden in the 1980s: Frank Chrzanowski.

Many thanks to this anonymous poster, who also included a clip from a 1999 article in the Meridien (CT) Record-Journal about Chrzanowski and his second career as a ring announcer (he was a high school teacher by day). In 1978 during a charity WWF show at ths school, Chrzanowski handled ring announcing duties, and WWF officials at the show liked what they saw and hired him, the Record-Journal stated.

I first asked about Chrzanowski’s identity in my 2010 post asking why New York City got Howard Finkel, but not Boston. For years, I could not remember this guy’s name, although I vividly remembered him from attending Boston house shows and from the NESN broadcasts of the cards — and I recall his trademark mustache and monotonous style of ring announcing.

It turns out clues were right under my nose. The Online World of Wrestling actually has an entry for Chrzanowski, including a photo without his mustache. The Online World of Wrestling continues to impress me as a great vault of historical info about the sport.

Chrzanowski also has a Facebook page that I’m assuming really is his own, as it shows a photo of a guy with gray hair in a wrestling ring with a microphone.

Chrzanowski never did much for me as a ring announcer, although it’s clear reading online comments elsewhere about him that he has his fans and that people associate him with the Garden shows in the ’80s.


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  3. Joe Lowry

    “Finally… the answer has come to the Balcony!” I think this would be a great time to get in touch with Frank and pen his thoughts about his days as an announcer at the Gaaahdin! I would be interested in hearing his thoughts on his days an employee of the WWF. He had some memorable matches and highlights during his career. Good stuff….

  4. Frank

    Frank Chrzanowski dd house shows from New Haven, CT north to Maine, The Fink had South of New Haven to NYC & Cappetta had NJ to PA

  5. J.Cee

    An even bigger mystery about the Boston Garden would be anything regarding the promoter. Abe Ford. What was his tenure, for example. I did a cursory scan a few years ago and found nothing but the fact that he was on the chubby side and he had a load of stories for anybody that would listen. I think he passed away sometime in the late 90s. But Abe Ford was the man who put it all together in the Boston Garden, so I would gather.

    • anthony rich

      j. cee abe ford was my granfather he was 89 when he passed in 2002 and yes he had many funny stories.

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