About this WWF 1980s pro wrestling blog

Longtime fan and journalist Scott Wallask writes about growing up watching WWF pro wrestling in the 1980s and getting balcony seats each month for the old Boston Garden matches, while also comparing current WWE plotlines to old-school angles.

Wallask has occasionally written for the Camel Clutch Blog, and is also available to talk about the 1980s WWF scene for pro wrestling podcasts, interviews, and radio shows. Contact him by clicking here.

By day, he is an editorial director overseeing content strategy and operations for eight high-tech websites at TechTarget, an online publishing and information company.


  1. Jay DeChellis

    I remember the night Bruno Sammartino was to wrestle Killer Kahn! Before the match Bruno was presented a trophy but Kahn interrupted the presentation! Is there any video footage PRO or Fan Cam available?

  2. Mark

    My fave match from the Boston Garden in the 80s was Moondog Spot beating Salvatore Bellomo, and the crowd cheered Spot.

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  4. Ken Quimby jr

    Is anybody in the Boston area Try to buy old photos of The grand Wizard of wrestling What out is get up on That means is turban and his glasses I hope I spelled turban like probably not

  5. Joe Lowry

    Seeing I am now finally entering the new age era of Smart LED TV’s, I have been Netflixing all the old WWF Programming. In doing so I came across the Andre/Hogan match from WM 3 back in 1987. While watching this match and seeing how they set a new indoor attendance record of 93,173 I Googled whether or not this indoor attendance record still stood. To my amazement, the record was broken by the 2010 NBA All Star Game with a crowd of 108,713 at Dallas’ Cowboy Stadium. So WWF(E)’s attendance record stood for over 23 years. Any thoughts or ideas if WWE will try and break that record? Somehow I don’t see John Cena or CM Punk drawing any crowd of that magnitude.

    • bostongardenbalcony

      My God, Ron Cumberledge — there’s a guy I haven’t thought about in probably decades. I can’t remember whether he was from the 80s or 90s for the WWF. There are actually quite a few clips of him online if you search for his name.

  6. Joe Lowry

    Great job with the blog. Let me know if you ever need any aother input in regards to 1980’s Pro Wrestling at Tha Gaahhdin!

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