Spike Huber, who had a short WWF stint in ’84, is Dick the Bruiser’s son-in-law

One wrestler whom I’ve wanted to write about since I started this blog also happens to be a competitor I know little about.

For me, it’s an irony indeed when it comes to Spike Huber.


Even though I remember Huber’s catchy name well from the early 1980s, he was not frequently on WWF TV.  The Online World of Wrestling, a great tome of biographies of wrestlers, does note Huber, including his start in the old WWA in Indianapolis.

I never knew this until this week, but Huber is the son-in-law of legend Dick the Bruiser. Can you imagine coming over to pick up your date and Bruiser is waiting for you? Or even worse, Dick and his tag partner, the Crusher?

The Online World of Wrestling states Huber was a guest in Piper’s Pit, a moment that I vaguely recall.

The History of WWE website has posted results from 1984 which show Huber did most of his WWF work in St. Louis and Ohio (the WWF was attempting to make a big impact in St. Louis after buying the rights to the famous Wrestling at the Chase TV show, but that didn’t last long). He appeared on Piper’s Pit in St. Louis, too (see the clip above).

I didn’t know what had happened to Huber since then until I read a July 2012 article in the Indianapolis Star about a wrestling card being held as a church fundraiser. It mentioned Bruiser’s roots in that city, and brought up Huber and Michelle, who is Bruiser’s daughter:

Spike and Michelle Huber currently reside in Memphis where they own a company that installs flooring for Lowe’s. Huber hasn’t wrestled since 2000 and now prefers watching MMA to wrestling. He competes as a bodybuilder. 

I have no clues about where Huber wrestled from 1984 until 2000, but I doubt it was on the national stage. But if anyone knows differently, please let me know.



  1. Nick

    Huber had a very brief stint (two months tops) in World Class during 1987. He actually did get on a Parade of Champions though in Texas Stadium

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  4. Anonymous

    I interviewed ‘Spike’ Huber in Indianapolis back in 1978. He lived next door to his father-in-law Dick ‘The Bruiser’ Afflis at the time. The interview was conducted in his garage during a workout. It was nothing more than a meet and greet interview that didn’t sell although I did manage to get a couple of pictures published. I did get the brush from Bruiser who dropped by for a minute during the interview. Bruiser kept in character but his wife, Louise, was very sweet.

  5. Doug

    I worked for CIW (Central Illinois Wrestling, later changed to Championship International Wrestling) based out of Watseka, IL in 1987-1989. Brad “Bulldog” Davis was the promoter. Spike was one of his major talents. Spike Huber, Sailor Art Thomas Jr., Ox Baker, Handsome Johnny Starr, Hacksaw Todd, Paul Christy, Donny Angel and others were many of his main talents. The Commando (The Undertaker), Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher, Eli the Eliminator, Doug Somers and other 1980’s stars were many of his main event talent. It was a great job for a young guy that loved pro wrestling.

  6. Ringo

    Spike Huber wrestled in Chicago in the early 80’s for Bob Luce. Watched him at the Chicago Amphitheater a couple times.

  7. Michael Myers

    Ironically… Spike Huber and Crusher Blackwell are my two oldest wrestling memories… Sunday afternoon, Wrestling at the Chase. Huber was my favorite wrestler… and was often featured. (I was probably 8-10 years old, which would put it 82-84).

    I found you, by proactively googling his name.

  8. Nick

    I’m from Indianapolis and my Dad told me stories about the WWA and Bruiser, and I remember him talking about a guy named “Spike. Spike….something”. So, you actually just solved a small mystery for me. Haha. Thank you.

  9. Anonymous

    I remember spike wrestling at the civic center on Hammond. I also remember getting
    To the civic center early and watching spike helping set up the ring and talking with him very down to earth guy. He and I played a game with my electronic football game and the shooting baskets with me and my friend very cool and nice man

  10. MSE2525

    I vaguely remember Huber doing a sort of union laborer gimmick in World Class. Sort of an odd choice for what is probably a Right to Work state. Being Bruiser’s son in law probably helped and hurt him, I dont remember him being anything special.

    • Steve Ladd

      i worked with Spike at his real job. i actually hired him. we were union laborers in Indy, having to wear hardhats, thats where the idea came from. He was a great guy and was very talented. He was a little too tough for college wrestling, he beat up the recruiter who came to talk with him at his highschool in indianapolis. hhe could have went further into the business, but some little spats with bruiser, his father in law, got him blackballed from the bigtime. Believe me, he was wwe material, very talented, best dropkick ever, benched over 500 lbs raw. a genetic freak.

      • bostongardenbalcony

        Wow, what a great story, thanks for posting this. I am amazed at some of the people who end up on this blog and personally know the wrestlers or personalities from way back. I agree Spike was very talented in the ring, one of those guys you wonder what would have happened if things had gone differently.

  11. Chuck Mullen

    I do know or I think so, at least that he was in World Class in 1987, when Bruiser Brody or Gary Hart had the BOOK. I do recall him working the Parade of Champions show…

    Red River Jack & Spike Huber beat Abdullah the Butcher & Eli the Eliminator when Huber pinned Eli.

    That result is from here… http://www.prowrestlinghistory.com/supercards/usa/misc/wccw/parade.html

    I also know of him working in CWA (Memphis) too… I remember this only from TV or reading the famed, “APTER MAGS” at the time. I also loved the other mags with the bloody pics from Puerto Rico, and other locations. The amount of money I spent on wrestling then… WOW. If I would of saved even 20% Id be as rich as Donald Trump.

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