The Mighty Hercules’ pale complexion could have given Sheamus’ skin a challenge

Anyone who follows the WWE scene today knows that part of World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus’ gig is that he in an extremely pale Irishman — thus the nickname “Great White.”

Sheamus may be the whitest star in the WWE in the last 25 years, before which another pasty pro wrestler graced WWF rings: the Mighty Hercules.

Hercules, also known as Hercules Hernandez, was another guy who clearly never tanned either in the sun or in the booth. His gimmick was somewhat similar to Sheamus as a big strongman.

Hercules was one of those guys who was always near the top of the mix and occasionally challenged for the WWF Championship, but never held any kind of gold in the WWF. Hercules often came to the ring with a chain, playing off his strength and moniker as the son of Greek gods.

Hercules was part of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s stable, and had feuds with Billy Jack Haynes and the Ultimate Warrior. Like so many 1980s WWF stars, Hercules died young in 2004 at the age of 47.


  1. Nash

    Watched his match multiple times when he took on the Beast from the East Bam Bam Bigelow on SNME. Hercules should have been the powerfull winner.

  2. Nash

    The most brutal match at WM III, was Hercules against Billy Jack Haynes. At the end of the match he busted Haynes forehead open with his steel chainz. He was an incredible athlete when he fought his opponents he striked with punches and clotheslines. I will never forget his matches against: Hulk Hogan at SNME, Ultimate Warrior at WM IV, Jake the Snake at SummerSlam 1988, his battle against the returning Olympian strongman Ken Patera was a true Clash, when the million $ man tried to buy his own slave from manager bobby heenan. Hercules was offered by Heenan, but did not know that it was about him. That night he turned Face. Followed was SNME, he took on bodyguard Virgil and totally destroyed him. I met Virgil in Feb 2013 at Times Square, but did not mention his match against Hercules. I talked about his matches against million $ man and his huge win over the Warlord in Rotterdam Ahoy Palace in April 1992. I said to Virgil that when he debuted in Wrestling he was known as Mike Soul Train Jones. He was really surprised that I knew about that. Another ruthless match for Hercules was when he went face to face against Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff. At WM V Rick Rude pinned Ultimate Warrior for the WWF IC title. After WM V Rick Rude took on challenger Hercules. In that match Hercules dominated Rick Rude with punches and clotheslines. Hercules vs Randy Savage at Boston Garden was awesome. Tough fight against the Warlord at MSG in Jan 1992. He wrestled in WCW as Super Invader and at the Clash of the Champions XX he teamed up with BIg van Vader, Jake the Snake Roberts and Rick Rude against Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, Sting and Nikita Koloff. In Japan he tag Teamed with Scott Norton as the “Jurassic Powers”. Hercules Hernandez will never be forgotten!

  3. Steve Viglio

    I like big Herc and I love his punches. He doesn’t really strike me as a main eventer but as a good utility player who could be fed to a hot top babyface. Also, I remember how Power and Glory had those awesome 90’s sunglasses and I completely forgot Herc had passed.

  4. Joe Lowry

    Interesting one here..Hercules was always pale and during the days of tanning beds and pro wrestlers, he was one who always abstained from them. If anything it did make him stand out. With his pale skin, it made his matches in which he bladed more realistic. And lets not forget his tenure with Slick in which he and Paul Roma formed a tag team called “Power and Glory.” I will let you all Google that one to figure out who had the power and who had the glory.

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