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Private Terry Daniels got into wrestling after a shoot with Adrian Adonis

Some of you may remember Private Terry Daniels, who was a high-on-the-card prelim wrestler who was briefly thrust into the spotlight during Sgt. Slaughter’s feud with the Iron Sheik.

Daniels was a former U.S. Marine in real life, which his wrestling character reflected. At one point, Daniels was standing in the aisle facing the ring while holding the American flag during a WWF Championship Wrestling TV taping. The Sheik attacked him; however, Daniels, despite getting beaten down, never let the flag touch the ground, thus keeping the honor the country intact.

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To celebrate the Fourth of July, think back to the Slaughter-Sheik boot camp match

As we commemorate July 4, 2011, I think back to a match 27 years earlier that to me is the single most patriotic moment in WWF and WWE history. On June 16, 1984, Sgt. Slaugther finally defeated the Iron Sheik in a boot camp match at Madison Square Garden.

Slaughter had been a great heel in the WWF and NWA before a huge babyface turn in ’84 that made him among the most popular wrestlers in the country.

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