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Please, WWE — Don’t exploit the Boston Marathon bombings

I live near Boston, so it’s been a rough week here reading about and seeing photos of the gruesome injuries suffered by victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

As anyone who’s followed wrestling for a while knows, such incidents usually get the minds whirring of Vince McMahon and his cronies.

So here’s hoping the WWE curbs any desire to capitalize on the bombings. We don’t need another anti-American heel or some plot in which McMahon’s limo blows up again.

Unfortunately, history bears witness that the WWE doesn’t always take the classy route. For example: Continue reading

Thanks to Triple H, Bruno Sammartino will finally be in the WWE Hall of Fame

Wow. One of the most significant moments in quite a while for us long-time fans will finally happen on WrestleMania weekend when the WWE inducts Bruno Sammartino into its Hall of Fame during ceremonies at Madison Square Garden.

The hall has always suffered by Sammartino’s absence, and deservedly so. To this day, decades after his last appearance with the WWF, Bruno is still remembered by many as the face of the promotion. He connected with so many fans in the Northeast, not only in New York City, but also Continue reading

Triple H gets a public nod from Vince McMahon, who never got that from Vince, Sr.

Sure, the big finale to this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw featured a couple of plotline twists, a big angle, and some acting – but the closing scene between Triple H and Vince McMahon was as real as it gets.

We saw a historic moment as a teary-eyed McMahon passed the torch publicly to his son-in-law. HHH and wife Stephanie McMahon are poised to someday soon run the WWE behind the scenes. 

McMahon never got that shining moment in the spotlight in 1982 when he bought Continue reading