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One of the most exciting moments from WWF Saturday morning wrestling: When Atlas and Johnson won the tag titles

If you want to see a small crowd go crazy for a title switch at a TV taping, check out the ending sequence of this match from late 1983, when Tony “Mr. USA” Atlas and  Rocky Johnson defeated the Wild Samoans for the WWF Tag Team Title.

The match was big because Atlas and Johnson were the first African-American tag team to win the belts in WWF history. At least one African-American had held gold before in the WWF Continue reading

Transcript of my WrestleMania III interview with the Observer’s Dave Meltzer

I recently posted a podcast interview with Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer about the legacy of WrestleMania III. For those of you who were unable to hear the podcast or didn’t have time, below is the complete transcript of the interview, during which Meltzer discusess why so many people remember the Savage/Steamboat match, how Rock vs. Austin compares with Hogan vs. Andre, and why the often touted 93,173 attendance figure is wrong. Continue reading

Before WrestleMania, there was Showdown from Shea

Before the first WrestleMania ever hit Madison Square Garden in 1985, the WWF ran a series of outdoor supershows over an eight-period that were known as Showdown from Shea.

The venue was the old Shea Stadium in Queens, NY (former home of the New York Mets), and in all three events, Bruno Sammartino was the headliner: Continue reading

Jimmy Snuka’s empty arena interview was 10 times better than John Cena’s empty arena interview

Those of you who watched WWE Monday Night Raw this week saw an empty arena promo with John Cena, who sat in the loge section of the TD Garden in Boston talking about his WrestleMania XXVIII match with the Rock.

I couldn’t help but think way, way back to when Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka did a much different, far more effective interview in an empty arena with Vince McMahon. I believe it was Snuka’s first appearance on TV after the Magnificent Muraco busted him open with a microphone in the angle that started their memorable feud in 1983.

The back story is that when Muraco approached the ring, he was yelling stuff at Snuka. Although it was never really explained what was said, it was clear that Snuka took offense to it. Muraco also spit on him before Snuka Continue reading

My podcast interview with Dave Meltzer about the legacy of WrestleMania III

March 29, 2012, will mark the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania III, which I still consider the greatest Mania ever.

To mark the occasion, I interviewed Dave Meltzer, the publisher and editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, to get his thoughts about the historical importance of this card.

During the interview, Meltzer discusses: Continue reading

Andre the Giant won the original Survivor Series main event

This weekend’s teaming of the Rock and John Cena at Madison Square Garden marks the 25th edition of the Survivor Series. I remember when that show debuted in 1987, only it and WrestleMania were on the WWF pay-per-view calendar.

As such, the Survior Series was a much bigger event during its early years than what it turned into. The show was originally founded on 10-man (or 10-team or 10-woman) tag team matches — that was it. No single matches, no title bouts. I actually enjoyed the focus on those early shows because they offered something different and allowed you to continue feuds and plotlines without necessarily having the feuding parties pin each other.

A case in point was the main event of the first Survivor Series: Continue reading

“Finally, the Rock has come back to Boston” – and the North End

So during Monday Night Raw from the TD Garden in Boston, the Rock – son of former WWF Tag Team Champion Rocky Johnson and grandson of 1970s WWF star Peter Maivia – returned to the ring and mentioned the North End.

The North End is the Italian neighborhood in Boston best known for its row of restaurants on or near Hanover Street. It’s in easy walking distance of the Garden (and the old Boston Garden for that matter), so no doubt many wrestlers over the decades have headed over to the North End for a post-match meal.

The North End wasn’t the only local culinary attraction that made the air on Raw, as John Cena talked of going to the Kowloon Continue reading