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Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart of the Hart Foundation dies suddenly

I was shocked, along with many of you, to learn that Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart died suddenly on August 13. Neidhart, who was only 63, will always be remembered by 1980s WWF fans as part of the great Hart Foundation team with Bret “Hitman” Hart.

The Wrestling Observer reported the Neidhart died from complications after suffering a seizure, and that Neidhart also had Alzheimer’s Disease, which I did not know.

In an era of larger-than-life gimmicks and personalities, Neidhart easily still stood out with his crew cut, long goatee beard and pink tights. His interviews were nuts, and always peppered with his maniacal cackle.


Neidhart and Hart — who were brothers-in-law in real life — came the WWF in 1984-85 along with the Bristish Bulldogs as part of a weird deal where Vince McMahon tried to buy Continue reading

Killer Khan fought Andre, challenged Hogan in the 1980s

Ask most fans from the 1980s what they remember about Killer Khan, and they’ll probably recall his 1980s WWF feud with Andre the Giant.

Khan was a big, thick Japanese guy whose gimmick was that of a savage, out-of-control Mongolian. His facial expressions usually consisted of an exaggerated, lip-curling grimace, and he was bald except for a short, braided pony tail. During his offense, he let out these high-pitched shrieks.

He had two runs in the WWF, first in 1981 and then in 1987. The initial run was far more memorable, as he was portrayed as a vicious wrestler who broke Andre’s leg and then tried to take out Continue reading

Snuka, Albano, and McGraw all partied long before Jeff Hardy did

I’m not sure how many of you follow TNA wrestling, but Jeff Hardy sounds like he’s a mess these days. He was a mess during his time in the WWE, too.

Hardy isn’t the only pro wrestler seemingly on top of the world who has spun out of control. The 1980s WWF scene had some memorable instances of people getting drunk, high, or worse. Continue reading

King Kong Mosca sends Bob Backlund over the edge by spitting on him

King Kong Angelo Mosca had two major angles during his brief time as a WWF headliner in 1981. One was the much remembered incident during which he whacked Pat Patterson in the head with a water pitcher.

But there was also the time Mosca made WWF Champion Bob Backlund go nearly berserk. Continue reading

Slaughter’s cobra clutch challenge peaks with an attack on Patterson

One of the most intense WWF angles from 1981 was the culmination of Sgt. Slaughter’s “$5,000 cobra clutch challenge,” which ended up with Pat Patterson beaten and bloody during a TV taping.

It should come as no surprise to those who’ve read my earlier blogs about Patterson that his selling and emotion made the angle come alive. The gist of the cobra clutch challenge was simple:  Slaughter said no one could break the hold, which is similar to today’s “million dollar dream” submission.

Each week, some jobber would sit down in a wooden folding chair Continue reading