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The origins of the Red Rooster gimmick, as told by John Layfield

Recently on his blog, John Layfield, a.k.a. JBL, offered some history behind one of the worst gimmicks ever in WWE history: Terry Taylor as the Red Rooster.

Anyone who watched wrestling in the late 1980s will recall Taylor, dressed in his red tights and red ring jacket, with his hair teased up in a red mohawk. He also moved his neck like a hen when he came to the ring and even yelled out an occasional “cock-a-doodle-doo.”

I challenge anyone complaining about the WWE product today to find a dumber gimmick than the Red Rooster.

It was a shame, too, because Continue reading

Thankfully not on the WWF card in 1985: Ric Flair vs. Pete Doherty, Captain Lou, or Mr. T

Ric Flair’s initial run in the WWF/WWE started in 1991, which thankfully spared us from having to see him fight some pro wrestlers from the 1980s who just weren’t up to the task.

For example, can you imagine Captain Lou Albano wrestling his annual Boston Garden “special attraction” match against the “Nature Boy”? Flair would have sold for Albano (maybe Naitch even would have allowed Captain Lou to bodyslam him off the top rope), and the race would have been on to see who could bleed first.

I have more thoughts about the crazy foes Flair missed out on in the 1980s–such as the Red Rooster and Pete “Duke of Dorchester” Doherty–in my article at Camel Clutch Blog, “Eight comical opponents Ric Flair never fought in the 80s’ WWF.”