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“Finally, the Rock has come back to Boston” – and the North End

So during Monday Night Raw from the TD Garden in Boston, the Rock – son of former WWF Tag Team Champion Rocky Johnson and grandson of 1970s WWF star Peter Maivia – returned to the ring and mentioned the North End.

The North End is the Italian neighborhood in Boston best known for its row of restaurants on or near Hanover Street. It’s in easy walking distance of the Garden (and the old Boston Garden for that matter), so no doubt many wrestlers over the decades have headed over to the North End for a post-match meal.

The North End wasn’t the only local culinary attraction that made the air on Raw, as John Cena talked of going to the Kowloon Continue reading

Before Rock and Orton, other pro wrestling sons competed at WrestleMania

The WWE likes to make a big deal of its second- and third-generation wrestlers. WrestleMania 27 at the Georgia Dome was no exception, as the event saw four multi-generational superstars appear, including the Rock (grandson of “High Chief” Peter Maivia and son of Rocky Johnson), Alberto Del Rio (son of Mexican star Dos Caras), Cody Rhodes (son of “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes), and Randy Orton (grandson of Bob Orton, Sr., and son of Cowboy Bob Orton).

But sons of pro wrestlers are nothing new. Did you know if you go all the way back to the first WrestleMania in 1985 at Madison Square Garden, there were also four second-generation wrestlers who competed? Here’s a list of them: Continue reading