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Before WrestleMania, there was Showdown from Shea

Before the first WrestleMania ever hit Madison Square Garden in 1985, the WWF ran a series of outdoor supershows over an eight-period that were known as Showdown from Shea.

The venue was the old Shea Stadium in Queens, NY (former home of the New York Mets), and in all three events, Bruno Sammartino was the headliner: Continue reading

Morales cracks Muraco with brass knux to regain the Intercontinental Title

Pedro Morales and Magnificent Muraco feuded on and off for nearly two years from 1981 into 1983 over the Intercontinental Title.

Muraco originally beat Morales for the belt in June 20, 1981, at the Philadelphia Spectrum. However, it is Morales’ win over Muraco to regain the title on November 23, 1981, that sticks particuarly in my memory thanks to a great finish in the match.

The scene was Madison Square Garden and a Texas death match. After a solid bout, Muraco attempted to use brass knuckles, but as he swung Continue reading

Big angle in 1981: Greg Valentine suplexes Pedro Morales on the concrete floor

Man, 30 years ago it didn’t take a lot to get an angle over with the audience compared to today. There may be no greater example of that than when Greg “The Hammer” Valentine taunted Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales into match on TV.

To set the stage, in late 1981 Morales had just regained the Intercontinental belt from the Magnificent Muraco, whom the Grand Wizard managed. The Wizard also tutored Valentine, and after a squash match on Championship Wrestling, Valentine issued a challenge to Morales, including calling the Puerto Rican star a “greaseball.” Yes, those of us who were fans back then occasionally have reasons to hang our heads in shame for real.

Anyway, Morales came out to the accept the challenge as long as he could fight Valentine on free TV so that everyone could see “when I kick your butt, baby!”  To this day, I so distinctly remember Valentine’s reaction Continue reading

Superfly Snuka and Pedro Morales had a minor feud in the summer of ’82

I was on the great History of WWE website just browsing through the results of 1980s WWF cards from the old Boston Garden, and in that arena in August 1982, WWF Champion Bob Backlund defeated Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with Pedro Morales as guest referee.

This reminded me that Snuka and Morales had a brief feud in ’82 before the Superfly turned babyface. I don’t remember much about how the Morales-Snuka rivalry was set up, but I do recall an angle on Saturday morning Championship Wrestling during which Snuka Continue reading

Remembering some of the old-school WWF jobbers

Between the classic pro wrestling video clips I’ve watched recently and some of the great comments from visitors of this blog, I’m reminded about the many, many WWF jobbers that I grew up with each Saturday morning on TV and also saw in person at the monthly shows at the old Boston Garden.

Here are some of the guys I remember well:

The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz – Rodz was one of those prelim wrestlers who was a step above the normal jobber, in that Continue reading

The mystery behind the 2/21/11 video reminds me about 1980s WWF questions

Questions about which pro wrestler is in the mysterious 2/21/11 video airing on WWE Monday Night Raw are stirring debate among pro wrestling fans, particularly those who are active on the Internet. Does the video promote the return of the Undertaker? Does it herald the arrival of Sting? Is it teasing a WrestleMania match between Undertaker and Sting?

The excitement makes me think back to some of the great mysteries from the WWF in the 1980s, such as the following: Continue reading

As the wrecking ball aims at the Spectrum, a few WWF memories

Chances are even if you only attended WWF events in Boston during the 1980s, you were still familiar with matches held at the Philadelphia Spectrum.

Pro wrestling fans in Philadelphia right now may be feeling the same thing many of us here in the Hub felt when the old Boston Garden started coming down.

The Wrestling Observer noted Continue reading

Pedro Morales has a big surprise and is ready for any kind of action

Back in the early ‘80s, at about the 30-minute mark of the hour-long Championship Wrestling, we’d get a break from the matches to hear the promos for the WWF’s house shows, which in my case were for the upcoming Boston Garden cards (the same thing happened for fans in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and the other big Northeast cities).

A friend of mine often brings up Pedro Morales’ interviews with Vince McMahon. Morales’ promos were often peppered with familiar one-liners, such as Continue reading

Muraco won the first King of the Ring 25 years ago in Foxboro

Earlier this month we hit the 25th anniversary of the original King of the Ring, which took place July 8, 1985, at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, MA, then the home field of the New England Patriots.

The tournament had a mix of major stars and curtain jerkers Continue reading