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Hopefully Vince McMahon’s “Stand Back” airs during the 2012 Slammy Awards

I’m sure Monday Night Raw’s Slammy Awards show will be full of juvenile gags and jokes as only Vince McMahon can love them, complete with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler guffawing at it all.

These Slammy shows have been stupid since they were created in 1986, and none have led to any long-term business with angles or cool ideas.

All that said, I hope during tonight’s show that the WWE airs the incredible McMahon video, “Stand Back,” which Continue reading

Raw’s “Old School” features Iron Sheik, praise of Bob Backlund, and a lie about a lousy manager

The WWE took a nostalgic turn this week with Monday Night Raw “Old School,” with many nods to the former stars of wrestling, including plenty of 1980s characters.

I’m not going to give a play-by-play on the show because many of you saw it, but I wanted to write about a few observations.

To start, the night would not have been complete without the Iron Sheik once again pissing on Continue reading

Sammartino: Vince McMahon didn’t know the moves as a WWF announcer

The memories of Bruno Sammartino – you know, that guy who isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame – cracked me up recently.

Sammartino gave a great interview on Wrestling Observer Radio on November 3, during which he brought up a sore spot that anyone who listened to Vince McMahon as play-by-play announcer could relate to: McMahon never knew the names of wrestling moves.

This lapse was always a problem with Continue reading

Vince McMahon goes nuts when Terry Funk pummels attendant Mel Phillips

On YouTube long-time fans can relive one the wildest little scenes ever from WWF Championship Wrestling: The day in 1985 on which legendary Terry Funk beat the shit out of ring attendant (later ring announcer) Mel Phillips.

The clip of Funk’s attack on Phillips is so great for many reasons. For starters, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a wrestler since then brutalize a ring attendant like this. Secondly, the angle firmly established Funk as out of control right from the start in the WWF.

But the best part comes from all the Vince McMahon-isms that pop up, meaning his one-liners Continue reading

“Oh, come on!” — A McMahon staple of 1980s WWF television

Those of us who grew up in the 1980s didn’t know Vince McMahon as the owner of the WWF, but rather as the announcer of Saturday afternoon Championship Wrestling on Channel 56 in Boston.

In some ways, Vince was a good television announcer, as he had the prerequisite drama down pat and understood how to Continue reading