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Juan Cena in 2010 harkens back to Giant Machine in 1986

As all of this talk started bubbling last week about John Cena going under a hood as “Juan Cena” to sidestep his WWE retirement stipulation, I couldn’t help but remember an earlier post I did about how the Machines pulled a similar stunt in 1986. Continue reading

Giant Machine tells Mean Gene, “No, Mr. TV man. Never.”

I ran across one of those corny WWF interviews from 1986 that Mean Gene Okerlund conducted with the Machines, who initially comprised Andre the Giant under a mask and Bill Eadie, the former Masked Superstar (and Bolo Mongol, for those really going back in time).

Giant Machine and Super Machine were part of a fairly short-lived plotline during which Andre the Giant was suspended in the midst Continue reading

After my loser leaves town angle, I look at that gimmick in 1980s WWF

Sorry for the lapse in posts, but I lost a loser leaves town match back on April 19 and didn’t have any luck coming back under a hood as “Boston Garden Loge” or something like that. 

While the loser leaves town match has been a staple in wrestling for eons, I don’t recall it ever getting much play in the 1980s in the WWF. It was one of those gimmicks Continue reading

Triple H and Michaels won’t be the first tag champs to go at it in the Royal Rumble

Monday Night Raw’s angle with WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and Triple H arguing about who would win the 2010 Royal Rumble reminded me of another title-holding tag team that got off on the wrong foot during the Rumble.

In 1989 — the first year that the Royal Rumble was on pay-per-view — entrants 1 and 2 were Ax and Smash, collectively known as Demolition and the current WWF tag team champions at the time. Demolition was Vince McMahon’s middle finger to Continue reading