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Before his WWF days, Lord Alfred Hayes cuts a mean heel promo

Most of us who watched the WWF in the 1980s remember Lord Alfred Hayes, he of the tuxedo and British accent who played sidekick to Vince McMahon on Tuesday Night Titans (TNT).

Hayes was always goofy, and even today I’m not sure why we needed him in the WWF for so many years. His most memorable moment was on TNT in 1984, when Rowdy Roddy Piper slapped him hard across the face.

But I want to be fair to the late Hayes, who had a career in the ring Continue reading

The top five moments of Tuesday Night Titans

Even if you don’t remember the WWF show Tuesday Night Titans, if you’re at all familiar with Vince McMahon, you wouldn’t be surprised that he tried to be Jay Leno and do a wrestling-themed talk show in the 1980s.

Vince was Leno, the late Lord Alfred Hayes played the sidekick, and there was even a house band. The program was cheesy by most standards, but nonetheless I have distinct memories of some of the skits and angles produced on Tuesday Night Titans. Here are my top moments leading up to No. 1: Continue reading