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Gilberto Roman, Danny Davis, and other WWF referees from the 1980s

Ever since former WWF referee Dick Woehrle died, I’ve been thinking a lot about the refs we used to know by name during the early 1980s.

Part of that familiarity was because ring announcer Joe McHugh would always tells us their names during his opening monolgue every week on Saturday morning Championship Wrestling here in Boston. But even the refs themselves seem cookie-cutter in today’s WWE compared to the refs of yesteryear.

Aside from Woehrle, other guys (and one gal) I remember include: Continue reading

Remembering WWF referee Dick Woehrle, who has died

Word broke out on Monday that former WWF referee Dick Woehrle had died, including this announcement from the Wrestling Observer website.

I remember Woehrle vividly from all of those mornings I watched the WWF on WLVI-TV 56 in Boston, when Championship Wrestling aired. He was on almost every week alongside fellow refs Continue reading

George “The Animal” Steele goes from dislocating shoulders to the New York Times

The New York Times actually had a short article today about George “The Animal” Steele’s whereabouts, which made me think back to 1981, when Steele dislocated a jobber’s shoulder on Championship Wrestling.

The prelim guy was Rick Bolton, who, ring announcer Joe McHugh told us, made his debut appearance for this angle.

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“And-a my name is Joooooooe McHugh”

Do any of you remember Joe McHugh? He was the ring announcer for Championship Wrestling, which was one of the WWF’s syndicated shows that they taped in Pennsylvania and broadcast in Boston on Saturdays.

McHugh was a little guy who was in his 80s, and he had a distinctive, slow style to introducing the wrestlers. At the start of each TV show, he went through about a minute of announcements about Continue reading