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Paul Heyman Channels Captain Lou and Bobby “The Brain”

Watching Paul Heyman these days reminds me of two of the greatest WWE managers in history, and both of those guys played huge roles in wrestling in the 1980s: Captain Lou Albano and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Continue reading

Hogan and Bossman bring blood back to Boston in 1989

In terms of what went on the ring, one of Hulk Hogan’s last great WWF or WWE feuds was against the late Big Bossman in 1989.

Bossman (formerly known as Big Bubba Rogers in the NWA) was huge man who played the role of a rogue Southern sheriff. He moved well in the ring, even at 300-plus pounds, and I’ve always thought the bad cop gimmick is one that’s hard to mess up.

After attacking Hogan on the Brother Love Show, Bossman fought Hogan around the horn. I know most people who were fans in the late ’80s will recall Hogan’s big blow-off with Bossman in a steel cage on Saturday Night’s Main Event, which was highlighted by Continue reading

Stand back, it’s another crappy WWE Slammy Awards show

The WWF Slammy Awards were silly when they started back in 1986, and the modern WWE version is just as bad.

Yet there was the Slammy Awards show on Monday Night Raw this week — it just doesn’t seem like the best gimmick to fall back on when so many fans are clamoring for change.

I remember the 1987 Slammy Awards well. The show was notable because Vince McMahon gave a beyond arrogant, and fully embarrassing, performance singing his tune, “Stand Back.” When I see McMahon dancing in this clip, I’m amazed at what is allowed on TV: Continue reading

Boston and Providence played large roles in past WWE King of the Ring tournaments

This week’s Monday Night Raw will feature the return of the WWE King of the Ring Tournament, which at one point was likely the most well-known annual pro wrestling tournament in the world.

Those of us who grew up watching the WWF in Boston in the 1980s will remember that the King of Ring was actually Continue reading

Muraco won the first King of the Ring 25 years ago in Foxboro

Earlier this month we hit the 25th anniversary of the original King of the Ring, which took place July 8, 1985, at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, MA, then the home field of the New England Patriots.

The tournament had a mix of major stars and curtain jerkers Continue reading