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WrestleManias III and IV could not have happened without Andre

Earlier this month, a Bleacher Report website ran an article by Dean Dixon that talked about the best 10 competitors at WrestleMania.

Andre the Giant was not on the list, although guys like Edge and John Cena were, and I argued in the comments section that Andre played a more important role in Mania than Edge did.

Let’s look at Andre’s contributions to the early Manias in the 1980s: Continue reading

Undeniable evidence that at one time, WWE wrestlers did not learn their promos from a script

While checking some of this blog’s stats recently, I saw that a visitor had gotten to my website via a search about whether WWE promos are scripted.

Certainly these days most of them are, which in many ways is obvious given their lack of fire and real emotion. Sure, there are exceptions. I’d be willing to bet Edge’s retirement speech on Monday Night Raw wasn’t entirely memorized by him ahead of time. He went with the flow, reacted to the fans, and got a more memorable promo out it.

Regardless of the interview arrangements today, I can guarantee you that in the 1980s, WWF promos were not scripted beyond maybe a loose idea of what Continue reading

Tying together Randy Orton’s injury, Ace Orton’s cast, and Jack Nicholson

Talk of Randy Orton’s arm injury (broken forearm, separated shoulder, who knows) made me wonder whether his dad, Cowboy Bob Orton, would dust off the cast he wore for 18 months or so in the 1980s.

The elder Orton really broke his arm in 1985, but typical of wrestling, they exaggerated things, Continue reading