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Spike Huber, who had a short WWF stint in ’84, is Dick the Bruiser’s son-in-law

One wrestler whom I’ve wanted to write about since I started this blog also happens to be a competitor I know little about.

For me, it’s an irony indeed when it comes to Spike Huber.


Even though I remember Huber’s catchy name well from the early 1980s, he was not frequently on WWF TV.  The Online World of Wrestling, a great tome of biographies of wrestlers, does note Huber, including his start in the old WWA in Indianapolis.

I never knew this until this week, but Huber is the son-in-law of legend Dick the Bruiser. Can you imagine Continue reading

Before his WWF days, Lord Alfred Hayes cuts a mean heel promo

Most of us who watched the WWF in the 1980s remember Lord Alfred Hayes, he of the tuxedo and British accent who played sidekick to Vince McMahon on Tuesday Night Titans (TNT).

Hayes was always goofy, and even today I’m not sure why we needed him in the WWF for so many years. His most memorable moment was on TNT in 1984, when Rowdy Roddy Piper slapped him hard across the face.

But I want to be fair to the late Hayes, who had a career in the ring Continue reading