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In a new interview, Triple H talks about Killer Kowalski and whether the 1980s are the golden age of the WWF

Anyone who’s an inside fan of the WWE or wrestling in general will enjoy the interview that Triple H recently did with the Grantland website. He talks openly about behind-the-scene doings and his relationship with father-in-law Vince McMahon.

There are a few points in which he references the nostalgia of the 1980s WWF scene, or even earlier WWWF memories, including the following: Continue reading

Stevens and Albano brutalized Snuka to kick off his babyface turn

Many people, including me, point to the Piper’s Pit with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka as a seminal moment in the WWF in 1980s. I’ve argued that it’s perhaps the greatest angle ever in federation history.

We also remember fondly Snuka’s battles with Magnificent Muraco, including the now historic leap off the steel cage in Madison Square Garden.

But no discussion of Snuka feuds and angles would be complete without giving a nod to his babyface turn in 1982, during which he was beaten down and bloodied by Captain Lou Albano and Ray “The Crippler” Stevens. If you’ve never seen this angle, it is awesome and brutal. Continue reading

The mystery behind the 2/21/11 video reminds me about 1980s WWF questions

Questions about which pro wrestler is in the mysterious 2/21/11 video airing on WWE Monday Night Raw are stirring debate among pro wrestling fans, particularly those who are active on the Internet. Does the video promote the return of the Undertaker? Does it herald the arrival of Sting? Is it teasing a WrestleMania match between Undertaker and Sting?

The excitement makes me think back to some of the great mysteries from the WWF in the 1980s, such as the following: Continue reading