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Brooklyn Brawler credits Steamboat and Heenan for big career breaks

The Art of Wrestling podcast had a tremendous interview with Steve Lombardi, a.k.a. the Brooklyn Brawler, who is one of those competitive prelim wrestlers everyone remembers from the 1980s.

The interview was conducted by well-known independent wrestler Colt Cabana, and as such, had plenty of behind-the-scenes Continue reading

Tying in Randy Orton’s kick to the groin with Ronnie Garvin

In ways, the Christian vs. Randy Orton no-holds-barred match at WWE SummerSlam this weekend was precipitated by the kick heard ‘round the world. Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship after former champ Orton was disqualified for punting Christian in the balls. By the match’s stipulations, Christian could win the belt on a DQ.

By far the most memorable kick in the balls that I recall in wrestling wasn’t on a big show, and I’m not even certain it was on TV. It was at the old Boston Garden in February 1990, when Continue reading