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Remembering some of the old-school WWF jobbers

Between the classic pro wrestling video clips I’ve watched recently and some of the great comments from visitors of this blog, I’m reminded about the many, many WWF jobbers that I grew up with each Saturday morning on TV and also saw in person at the monthly shows at the old Boston Garden.

Here are some of the guys I remember well:

The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz – Rodz was one of those prelim wrestlers who was a step above the normal jobber, in that Continue reading

Most of the WWF masked wrestlers in the ’80s were forgettable

All this hype about the WWE debut of Mexican masked superstar Sin Cara (formerly known as Mistico) has made me remember the great masked wrestlers in the WWF in the 1980s.

Oh, wait a minute, there really weren’t any. Continue reading

Andre the Giant rips the mask off the Black Demon

Anybody out there remember the Black Demon? He was one of the many nodescript masked wrestlers who paraded around wrestling rarely winning a match, and often appeared on the losing end of the prelims at the old Boston Garden in the early 1980s.

Ask me why I remember the Black Demon and I’ll tell you it was because Andre the Giant unmasked him on Saturday morning wrestling in 1981.  A clip of this moment used to be on YouTube but has since been taken down.

Like any respectable masked heel, the Demon had a towel nearby, with which he quickly covered his face to conceal his identity. No doubt if you had snapped a picture of him without his hood, he would have asked you to destroy the film a la rock group Kiss.

I remember watching the kids’ faces at ringside as they rushed over to Demon to catch a glimpse of his face.

You really got an appreciation of how big Andre was in his healthier days, as he was absolutely immense next to the Demon.