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Savage began his first WWF Heavyweight Title reign 25 years ago at WrestleMania IV

It was 25 years ago today in 1988 that the WWF Heavyweight Title tournament took place at WrestleMania IV.

The tournament came about after the infamous title switch during which Andre the Giant pinned Hulk Hogan and then attempted to bequeath the belt to the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. Then-WWF President Jack Tunney ruled that while Andre had indeed won the title, he could not hand it over to someone else, and thus had vacated the belt. Tunney ordered the champion to be determined at Mania IV.

These days, title tournaments are commonplace, but in 1988 in the WWF, there had not been a championship tourney Continue reading

Macho Man’s time as WWF champ featured matches against three distinct opponents

Randy “Macho Man” Savage had among the more interesting WWF Title reigns during his first run as champion in 1988-89.

I wouldn’t swear to this (particularly because of how hard it is these days to keep track of the WWE champions due to frequent switches), but Savage may be the only WWF or WWE world champion to start the reign as a babyface and end it as a heel. Savage won the WWF Title tournament at WrestleMania IV, beating “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase in the finals, before eventually losing it to Hulk Hogan a year later at WrestleMania V. As I’ve noted elsewhere, Savage and Hogan had a great rivalry.

But a look at some of Savage’s other opponents during his title run shows Continue reading

Man, did the first WWF SummerSlam have some sucky matches

I remember being giddy back in 1988 when the original WWF SummerSlam rolled around, because for the first time I was able to order the show on pay-per-view on my cable system (shout out to the old Continental Cable in the Boston area).

I certainly remember Ultimate Warrior steamrolling Continue reading