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Long WWF Title reigns were the norm back in the day

Here’s a sad fact noted on Monday in the Wrestling Observer’s daily update: Miz is the longest reigning WWE Champion in at least two years.

“He just became the first person in more than two years to pass 100 days as WWE champion. HHH was the last guy to last 100 days,” the Observer said. “Since that time, the title has changed hands 16 times and was vacated once.”

You know how many times the WWE/WWF Title switched in the 1980s? Continue reading


Bob Backlund wrestled an impressive array of challengers in 1982

Bob Backlund gets a bad rap these days. Most fans either remember him as the nutty heel who turned on Bret Hart in 1994 and briefly won the WWF Title before losing it to Diesel (better known as Kevin Nash), or worse, they remember his tenure acting as a kook for TNA Wrestling.

But for those of us who grew up watching pro wrestling in the early 1980s, Backlund was one of the biggest stars. Continue reading

Superstar Graham rips apart Bob Backlund’s WWF belt

In 1978, Bob Backlund defeated Superstar Billy Graham for the WWWF World Title. Soon after, Graham left the federation.

When he returned in 1982, he had shaved off his trademark bleached-blond hair, grown a mustache, and assumed a martial arts gimmick. But his return was big enough that even five years later, he immediately was put into the WWF World Title picture to chase Backlund, who still had the belt (save for a brief title switch from Backlund to Antonio Inoki, back to Backlund in 1979).

Those of us watching pro wrestling in 1982 will remember well the angle in which Continue reading

Thank you Camel Clutch Blog — and while we’re at it, let’s revisit a camel clutch controversy

I want to thank my new friends at Camel Clutch Blog for posting a piece I wrote on “25 signs you’re a 1980s WWF wrestling fan.” The article got a mention on Sports Illustrated’s “Hot Clicks” column. I appreciate everyone reading it.

Camel Clutch Blog is also a good place to check out news about MMA and other major league sports. And what a name for the blog, I love it.

Just the mention of the camel clutch brings me back the Iron Sheik and the shock I personally had in Continue reading