Grand Wizard’s suit, Killer Bees mask spotted at Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

A few months back, I took road trip out from Boston along Interstate 90 to visit the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame during its last weekend at its location in Amsterdam, NY. In 2016, the hall will reopen in Wichita  Falls, TX.

I don’t know much about Wichita Falls, but I have visited Amsterdam a couple of times, and it’s a depressing old city that used to be a center for carpet factories. Now, the downtown where the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame was resembled a ghost town on a Saturday afternoon, with only some restaurants and a used clothing store open.

Hopefully Wichita Falls brings a better vibe to the hall of fame.

Inside, the hall was a two-story journey through wrestling history, with tons of framed posters, ring robes, and arena programs.

hall of fame 1

One of the Grand Wizard’s suit coats, as displayed at the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

Among the items I got a kick out of:

  • One of the whacky suit coats worn by the Grand Wizard of Wrestling (pictured above)
  • A Killer Bees mask donated by one half of that tag team, Brian Blair
  • A bunch of programs from WWWF house shows at the old Boston Garden, some of which had hand-drawn artwork on the covers, such as this one of Bruno Sammartino dressed up for the holidays (pictured below)
hall of fame 2

Bruno Sammartino as Santa on the cover of a Boston Garden house show program from 1968

  • Ring gear from Lelani Kai, who won the WWF Women’s Title from Wendi Richter in 1985 leading up the first WrestleMania (Kai will go into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame’s 2016 class)
  • Mick Foley donated a pair of wrestling boots and one of his original Mankind leather masks from the glory days of the WWE Attitude Era

It was a fun couple of hours touring the museum as its staff began packing up for the move from upstate New York to Texas. Best of all, the admission was free.

I don’t know if I’ll ever make it down to the hall’s new home in Wichita Falls, but if you live down there, I’d love to hear what’s going on when the hall reopens.



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  2. scottyballgame71

    My boys and I went up to Syracuse for a basketball game on January 30th and were hoping to make a stop in Amsterdam (anything to break up that monotonous NY Thruway 90 drive!) but the Pro Wrestling HOF had already closed there and we missed it.

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