Triple H talks to Chris Jericho about watching Saturday morning wrestling

I’ve got to hand it to Chris Jericho: He conducted an awesome podcast with WWE exec and multi-time champion Triple H about his early days in wrestling and getting hired by the WWE.

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One of my favorite parts of the interview was when Triple H briefly talked about watching pro wrestling on TV in his youth. Triple H is 45 and grew up in southern New Hampshire, so it will be no surprise to many long-time WWF followers that HHH was a fan of Saturday morning wrestling.

“Saturday mornings in my house, I was on the couch till 1 o’clock in the afternoon or 2 in the afternoon,” he told Jericho. “It was from 8 a.m., watching one product after the other.”

Yup, I remember those weekends, too. I had to reserve the TV from my brother and sister so that they wouldn’t be watching anything when wrestling came on.

“I grew up lucky … I had WWF, but I also got TBS, so I had all the NWA stuff,” Triple H said. “I also had all the Von Erich stuff out of Texas.”

For me, I remember religiously watching WWF Championship Wrestling and All-Star Wrestling, and then World Class Championship Wrestling from the Dallas Sportatorium. While my cable system didn’t get TBA until the late 1990s, I could occasionally catch IWCCW on local TV in the early 1980s, which was a local group run by the Savoldis.

It’s well worth checking out the Triple H podcast to hear about his start in wrestling, his days in WCW, and the origins of the Kliq’s influence in the WWE. He also tells a great story about having his first promo with the legendary Gordon Solie.


  1. Frank

    This was my Saturday morning Wrestling lineup circa 1981- 1982 from a New York Metro area. 6 am “Lucia Libre” on a Spanish broadcast station from the Olympic Auditorium in LA. This was a mixture of WWF(WWE) & NWA wrestlers. 9 am World Class Championship Wrestling from Dallas, TX. 10 am WWF All-Star Wrestling, 11 am World Wide Wrestling NWA, 12 pm Championship Wrestling from Florida (NWA) 1 pm World League Wrestling with Lars Anderson & Lord James Blairs (Independent with NWA jobbers) both aired on a cable TV station called SPN (Satellite Programming Network). also at 1 pm WWF Championship Wrestling from channel 22 (Springfield) 6:05 pm Georgia Championship wrestlng 12 midnight WWF Championship Wrestling. Then Sunday afternoon at 12 noon on the USA network was South West Championship Wrestling (AWA Houston)

  2. Joe Lowry

    Triple H is no doubt grew up in our generation of “wrestling.” Being the same age a ‘H, I myself was glued to the TV on Saturday mornings up until 1:00 pm and then back at it again with Georgia Championship Wrestling from 6:05 pm to 8:05 pm. All thanks to the wonderful addition to cable television. Does anyone remember Channel 9 WOR TV out of New York? I sure do. They used to re-broadcast there WWF All Star Wrestling around midnight and if I was up, I always turned it on. Something about watching these broadcasts over and over again. Does anyone else remember Killer Kowalski’s old promotion, Bedlam from Boston? That aired on Channel 25 on Sunday mornings if memory serves me right. I actually attended a card at the old Freeport Hall (now home to Local 103 in Dorchester) in which Killer Kowalski wrestled wearing a mask. I remember fondly “Luscious” Johnny Valiant landing on my lap during a match. I am sure the internet is full of memories on that promotion. They had other characters as well. But its good to hear a current top WWE Talent/Executive remember his roots of his early years and what helped make him the star he is today, good stuff.

    • Frank

      Yes, I would also watch on Channel 9 WWOR at midnight. They would do voice over for wrestling venues from Connecticut to Ohio. Even though I may have seen the same show earlier on another station, watching it on channel 9 had a special touch about it

  3. at1212b

    Pretty awesome that they’re able to have this type of conversation, when HHH I think shootwise mentioned that Jericho wasn’t a ‘Real’ World Champ like the Hogans, Austins, Rocks, which Jericho acknowledged that there are only few of those true Superstars.

    Overall, I do see HHH’s increasing influence, and ability to let water ‘under the bridge’ vs the vendetta narcissistic, out of touch way Vince McMahon has been running things in recent years. HHH is actually having his ears in-tune with the fans, and not being petty, but focusing on Business. This I believe is also why HHH had (convinced Vince) Brock go STRONG over Cena, and really increase the prestige of the WWE Champion, which started with Brock beating Taker at WM.

    Rebuild that aura back around it, and make the number 1 challenger spot the hype (which used to be held by the IC title), to get a shot at that World Champ which makes rare appearances.

    I’ll definitely check out the HHH interview. Thanks!

    I too lived for Saturday mornings in the 80s. But in Toronto, we only got WWF and some AWA. No NWA whatsoever.

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