WWE’s new retro SummerSlam report with Mean Gene is hilarious

I wanted to make a quick post and a tip of my hat to the WWE and Mean Gene Okerlund for producing a tremendously entertaining, 1980s-retro preview of Sunday’s SummerSlam show.

If you haven’t seen the preview and you watched pro wrestling back in the ’80s, it’s worth watching to the very end.


Some of my favorite highlights:

  • Okerlund sends it over to current WWE interviewer Tom Phillips for some promos, but instead calls Tom “Sean Mooney.” By the way, watch Phillips and then compare it to Okerlund’s work just this past Monday on Raw. Okerlund is still far and away one of the best interview guys in wrestling.
  • Mean Gene pushes the $9.99 price of the WWE Network, and then says, “That’s less than a 10-minute call on my old hotline.”
  • The opening montage of the preview has a voiceover with Vince McMahon yelling at his 1980s best.
  • At the very end of the report, a SummerSlam poster hanging in the background falls to the floor as a homage to one of the greatest bloopers in wrestling history, when a prop suddenly fell during a promo for SummerSlam 1989 and Okerlund yelled, “Fuck it!” on live TV. In this latest version, you can see Mean Gene lip the curse words.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entire clip and am glad to see the WWE can actually be legitimately funny still.


One comment

  1. Joe Lowry

    Awesome Promo, brought me right back to 1980’s and those hilarious “in between matches” filler spots that we thought at the time were so blah. Amazing how time tends to make those moments more precious. From the graphics to the announcing to the coy interpretations of the retro era. Mean Gene has not missed a step in his ripe old age. Other than looking a tad bit elder, he rocked the microphone and his shtick was right on target. (The Sean Mooney and the poster gimmick – priceless!) I do admit I miss Vince’s promo voice. He really was the backbone of the company. It brings back memories of how he used to do be involved with every aspect of the business. From announcing promos all the way to the boardroom Vince certainly was involved. I hope the WWE keeps on making these old vignettes as they would definitely draw interest from the “way back” fans…

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