A grand jury in PA will re-examine the death of Snuka’s girlfriend in 1983

In an incredible twist of events, a grand jury in Pennsylvania will soon re-examine the evidence surrounding the mysterious death of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s girlfriend in 1983.

The Morning Call newspaper of Allentown, PA, ran a story today reporting that the Lehigh County District Attorney has announced a grand jury will take up the matter of Nancy Argentino’s death, which until about a year ago was a cold case. Last year, the newspaper and wrestling journalist Irv Muchnick raised questions about the death and whether Snuka had allegedly killed her.

Muchnick has long raised doubts of Snuka’s innounced in Argentino’s passing. Muchnick’s piece from 1992, “Superfly Snuka and the Groupie,” is absolute required reading for anyone who was a fan of his in the Northeast in the 1980s.

Snuka’s accounting of the incident has varied over the years, from saying he pushed Argentino in a motel room while horsing around and she hit her head, to later saying she slipped on ice outside, causing injuries. Either way, it sure seems like Snuka got out of a jam with police at the time thanks to possible maneuvering by the WWF and Vince McMahon himself.

Authorities never charged Snuka with any crime. The fact the case is being revisited raises concerns about whether police did the right thing back in 1983.

Let’s hope this thing gets settled once and for all. Snuka is 70 now and says he did not kill Argentino.


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  3. Carlyn

    Well said. After hearing all the BS about Nancy Argentino falling by the road side it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out this is a line of made up fiction.
    Then the true facts came out about at least 5 different stories told by Snuka to the 2 ER room nurses, the police and the chaplin at hospital where Nancy died. These lies are an insult to any readers intelligence.
    It took the DA’s office over 30+ years to bring this case to the grand jury but at least they are giving the case a shot for justice.
    Who knows how this case will turn out. The amazing thing is now the guilty cannot hide behind a pack of lies and BS promotions of themselves.
    The person that caused that young girl’s death is now being judged by the court of public opinion.

  4. Joe Lowry

    This case still comes down to to “he said/she said.” Unfortunately one of the two persons involved here is deceased. From everything I have read so far, there is evidence of some type of abuse with Snuka and Argentino in the past. (off the record I could tell you that locally, here in Boston, this type of thing was common. Snuka had affairs with woman/girls (some underage all over the Northeast). But the day of Argentino’s death still remains a mystery. The crime scene is no longer there. Snuka’s age and credibility will come into play one way or another. The only real thing that seems to stick here is the mishandling of the case by the Allentown Police Department. Can you imagine if there was social media back then? Which will be all smoke and mirrrors by the time anything is proved relevant. Unless there is one piece of evidence that has not been made public, this case will be held up again. 30 years is a long time. But for Argentinos family I am sure it seems like yesterday. Prayers continue to go out to the Argentino family.

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