Glad to be back on the blog, thanks for your patience…

It’s great to be writing again here — I feel like Don Muraco returning to the WWF in 1982 on his way to winning another Intercontinental Championship.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on the blog. Between a renovations in my home and a new job in my kayfabe life, I really got behind in adding some memories here from the 1980s.

My friend, Ed, just emailed me about attending a WWE house show at the TD Garden in Boston over Labor Day weekend (I need to get back to Ed with an answer), and it made me realize that it’s been years since I’ve seen a card in Boston. It’s unbelievable how fast the years sped by from the late ’80s and early ’90s, when I would not miss a house show in Boston for anything.  Nowadays, we’re lucky if wrestling comes to Boston three or fours times a year, yet I’m on the fence about attending.

Just like sleeping until noon on the weekends, going to movie theater every week, and eating out whenever I liked, going to live WWF shows was something best played in my youth. Now, 30 years on, I can’t give Ed an automatic “Yes! Yes! Yes!” answer about attending. I still love wrestling, but it doesn’t speak to me like it did when I was a teen.

I think that’s the problem at lot of people from my generation are having these days with the WWE.

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  1. Atlee Greene

    I feel you on it not speaking to like it once did. I was the same way with not missing shows for the longest time. I’m considering going to the house show as well, which falls on my Birthday. If you don’t end up going this time, you can always wait for Survivor Series which will be in the TD Garden on 11/24

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