Ted DiBiase recalls Andre roughing up Bam Bam Bigelow

I love indie wrestler Colt Cabana’s podcasts. I don’t get to listen to them as often as I’d like, but when I do, I’m vastly entertained. Cabana has a real knack for bringing out behind-the-scene stories from his guests.

Case in point: His recent podcast with “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, one of the best heels from the 1980s. DiBiase recalled when Bam Bam Bigelow debuted in the WWF in 1987 with a bad attitude.

According to DiBiase, Andre the Giant took issue with Bigelow’s disposition.

“Andre kind of roughed him in up in a match,” DiBiase told Cabana. “I remember it because it was in the Garden in New York.”

DiBiase was lacing boots in the MSG dressing room for match with Randy Savage, and Bigelow stormed in after the match, grabbed his bags, and said he quit.

Andre came in later and said, “I taught him a lesson,” as retold by DiBiase.

Intrigued by this claim, I went to the awesome The History of WWE website, and indeed Bigelow and Andre fought at MSG in June 1988, just prior to Bigelow leaving the WWF. There is no mention on the site of any lack of cooperation occurring during the match, although Andre could have hidden any potato shots or other unfriendly behavior.

We have no way of knowing whether DiBiase is embellishing things, which seems to happen a lot with wrestlers, but Andre was well-known for taking liberties with people he didn’t like — and he was also known for being unpleasant in general towards the end of his career.


  1. Bob Backhair

    I heard, at the time, from family members that Bam Bam wanted to leave the tour to be present for the birth of his first child. When McMahon refused him leave, Bam Bam said he was quitting after that match. Andre got wind from McMahon and taught Bigelow a lesson.

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  3. Dennis Hines

    I hate to speak ill of the dead, but Bigelow really was a jerk at times. I have a friend who was a jobber for several different organizations in the 80’s, and he told me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bam Bam was the biggest jerk he ever met in the business.

  4. bostongardenbalcony

    Just as a follow up, I heard Bret Hart bring up Bigelow during a podcast from 2013 with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hart said that Bigelow had quickly shot to the top of the card and was teaming with Hogan in main events, and was bragging to the other guys about how good he was doing. Apparently that pissed off Andre, who chose to tune him up a bit at Madison Square Garden. Hart also said Andre was directly responsible for ending the Fabulous Freebirds’ brief tenure in the WWF because he was aggravated about them showing up late for shows drunk.

    • worldchamp

      Yupp, that match is right here (youtube) watch?v=4JEMHIb9APM
      You can legitimately see Andre didn’t sell for Bam Bam, squashed him for real several times with his big butt, got a clean pin, It was lopsided (in the stage of his career where Andre sold for everybody).

      Andre also legitimately choked him AFTER the match! Crazy. If you watch the match, you’ll know why Bam Bam ran out of the WWF afterwards knowing he was going to face that every night.

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  6. Anonymous

    Heenan and Monsoon weren’t the commentators at the event, though. Their voices were dubbed over. There is another video of the match with Superstar Billy Graham, Lord Alfred Hayes and another person who I don’t recognize doing the commentating. You can see them in the bottom left corner of ringside in the video.

    • bostongardenbalcony

      This is getting better and better by the hour today with the comments, I love it. According to the History of WWE website, the announcers for this show were Graham, Hayes, and Rodger Kent, who was an old AWA announcer I think. Any decision to overdub those three with Monsoon and Heenan is a good one, ha, ha.

  7. Atlee Greene

    In a shoot interview conducted in 1999, Bigelow mentioned Andre knocking him out when he put his fist up as he fell down for one of his diving headbutts. Admittedly, he had an ego at the time said he just chalked it up to being put in his place.

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