On May 10, 1983, Superfly Snuka’s girlfriend mysteriously died

Thirty years ago this week, on May 10, 1983, one of the darker chapters in wrestling unfolded when Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s girlfriend died under allegedly strange circumstances.

The death of Nancy Argentino came at the peak of Snuka’s popularity in the WWF, and he was arguably the hottest star in wrestling, too.

I’ve never personally researched the police reports and details involved with the death, but the matter was extensively chronicled by journalist Irv Muchnick in his eye-opening 1992 article, “Superfly Snuka and the Groupie.” Once you start reading the article, it’s hard to stoop.

In his autobiography, Snuka wrote that Argentino slippped and hit her head while pissing on the side of a road, but she didn’t appear to be seriously injured until Snuka saws her later that night in bad shape after he wrestled at the WWF TV tapings in Allentown, PA.

Authorities never charged Snuka with any crimes.

However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer commented on the incident recently, writing:

[A] police officer claimed at the time Snuka told him the two were fooling around when he accidentally pushed her and she fell, landing on her head.”

Vince McMahon, who only a year earlier had purchased the WWF from his father, did most of the talking with police at the time, Meltzer added.



  1. Anonymous

    What I do know and what I can tell you is that JImmy “Superfly” Snuka had a very troubling and personal situation develop right after this all went down. It invloved various women throughout the Northeast and it was very disturbing to say the least.

    • Carlyn

      Please do tell. The case of the death of Nancy Argentino is under heavy investigation by the Lehigh County Pa. District Attorney J.Martin for a brief time only before they shut it down for lack of new evidence,
      Any information would help get some justice for this young 23 year old girl that died mysteriously.
      Please step up f justice.

  2. bostongardenbalcony

    I don’t think Irv Muchnick hates wrestling. I doubt you could be the nephew of Sam Muchnick and be anti-wrestling. Having been a newspaper reporter, I know that many people wrongly equate investigating stuff with being a trouble-maker, and that’s simply not true. When I was on the cop beat and asked the police tough questions, it didn’t mean I hated the police department. As for Snuka, I remembered hearing about Argentino’s death even when I was kid. Everyone knows Snuka acted wildly outside the ring, which was part of the reason Vince put him with Buddy Rogers. Not that Snuka was the only person who partied or took cocaine in the 1980s WWF scene. Before the days of TMZ, I think wrestlers got out of a lot of trouble with police based on being sports celebrities. Today, if Snuka was a major star and his girlfriend died, there would have been a lot more people looking into this thing than a small police department in Pennsylvania.

  3. Chuck Mullen

    Of course… I should of known, those that drink from the cup of MELTZER believe the others that do too!

    Come on, this story is NO DIFFERENT, what SO ever than the OJ Simpson story and countless others… if he (or the others) did it OR not, regardless what we may think, if the “ever SO powerful” authorities decided to NOT pursue the matter, its a CLOSED BOOK.

    What about a more relevant story closer to your neck of the woods, being that one of Ted Kennedy, maybe write about that too? Or how Invader #1, is still headlining in Puerto Rico after murdering Bruiser Brody… ever watch the Carlos Colon SHOOT? That crap is sickening… anytime they bring up Invader he goes nearly silent… anytime they “buff his knob” hes smiling like a HS kid after a backseat pleasuring…

    Stay positive on the blog, and do not give credence to pure FN idiots like Irv FUCKNICK… this jerk, is a hater. Sorry but I never liked him, and his hate of our industry…

    • Carlyn

      Sorry to tell you. Irv Muchnick is the only person on this earth that has written the truth & accurate account about the not so mysterious death of Nancy Argentino the 23 year old girl that was the unfortunate girl friend of Jimmy Snuka.
      The investigation into this tragic death is being given a fresh look by the Lehigh Pa. DA and may be possibly going to the grand jury sooner than you think.
      Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Nancy Argentino for justice and closure of this case.

    • H.

      I believe you’re confusing Irv for Phil, the New York sports writer who has waged a decades-long war against pro wrestling.

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