My arguments for why CM Punk is the best heel champ ever in WWE history

On my blog, I tend not to stray too far out of the 1980s, but as we all know, wrestling lives on in 2013.

My friend, Eric Gargiulo, over at the Camel Clutch Blog gave me the spotlight this week to discuss CM Punk’s recently-ended WWE Heavweight Title reign.

Punk’s title run clearly set him apart as the greatest heel world champion in WWE, WWF, and WWWF history. Six months ago, I would have argued that Superstar Billy Graham held that honor, but Punk took things to a higher level before losing to the Rock at the Royal Rumble.

Click here to see the full post and my arguments for why Graham, Ric Flair, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and Yokozuna — all awesome heel champs — now come up short compared to Punk.


  1. bostongardenbalcony

    That’s a really interesting point you make about how Graham and Punk both essentially had the end of the reigns predetermined a year or more in advance. Clearly, there was a Punk vs. Rock build starting even in late 2012 when Punk started doing media and mentioning the Rock being rude to talent in the dressing room. As for Graham, hard to argue with your points about his behavior, but he probably deserved to go further with the belt than he did.

  2. Chuck Mullen

    About your column on CCB I have to politely disagree on a few points.

    First off being the demented, confused, and hateful Superstar Graham point. The reason MOST people (lets not over estimate that much of us, old timers, are still around!) know him from The Phil Donahue debacle, or the Vince McMahon vs the US Government trial, or his current body of “WORK”, bitching endlessly about being in the WWE HOF and wanting to be removed. Its funny, cause as soon as Vince reached out to this idiot, and he is AN IDIOT, and put him on the payroll, this jackass, admitted he was lying, and was bitter and hateful. Ever watch his DVD or read his BOOK? I got both… he says IT EVEN… and now that he is NO LONGER collecting a monthly check, there he goes right back into his NEGATIVE, VENOMOUS spew. Giving this goofball anything other than a kick in his NUTS, is not right. Really I refuse to even acknowledge a word he says, or his evil stance against “WHOMEVER” based on his BS. Pat Patterson was right, “Vince, you should of stayed away from him from the beginning…” and really, if we want to talk about his “WRESTLING?” dude, watch some of his matches… Starrcade 84… or when he was this KARATE GOOF… he could never work… muscles, JUICE, and talking. BORING.

    Secondly about Yokozuna. He is from the Samoan Legacy of the Anoa’i family. These people seemingly have this in their genes… hence forth Roman Reigns in The Shield and many others… have been on WWE payroll forever. I do not think in the past 30 hell maybe 40 years that there HAS NOT BEEN one of the Anoa’i family in the WWWF/WWF/WWE… so its natural that he would have these skills. He was really an incredible performer, and I have had the pleasure of working with some of the Anoa’i’s in the past, and really nothing but 100% class acts. Never an issue and they “knew” their roles perfectly.

    About Punk, I think what also gave his run some steam is that, for one, he always makes mention about his willingness to leave the industry. And its no secret that he is planning to retire much sooner than he should. I have heard it could be as early as next yr even. I think that, along with his promo style and STANCE against the system helped him tremendously. In the end though its terrible that it will most likely end up as we all see it, that Cena will be the “FACE” of the company again… it just sort of tarnishes Punks run as much as Grahams, cause its like it was PREDETERMINED to start and END like it did… though, Rocky wont go as long as Backlund did… and I am still shocked at this, considering current WWE plans seem to be to erase all past records.

    Does anyone see ANYONE ever breaking that record? I sure dont… regardless in the end, it ended on a sour note, and as much as Rocky is spiking the ratings, the real PROOF lies within the BUY RATE of the Rumble, Chamber and of course WM 29. Cause if everyone assumes “Cena” wins in the good OL stupidity of PARITY booking… what reason do you HAVE to order the SHOW? Really… think about it. You have NONE. Lesnar vs Triple H does nothing for me either… and they will be along with the Undertaker match the top 3 matches. And even if Punk works with Taker, please, do not even think for 1 second that the streak will end… IT WILL NOT… simply WILL NOT.

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