The ultimate Macho Man fan in Lowell, known simply as “Juice”

For a time in the late 1980s and early 1990s, those of us who attended house shows at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium would inevitably run into a somewhat crazy fan who dressed and acted like the late Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

I don’t know what that fan’s real name was, but on the back of his shirt, it said Juice, so that’s what my friends and I called him.  There’s a joke in there somewhere about a fan of the 1980s WWF scene going by Juice, but whatever.

Just to paint a picture, this guy wore the pastel colors Savage would wear, he donned a pair of wrap-around sunglasses like Macho Man, and he even put on a do-rag. He also walked around like Savage and wiggled his fingers when he talked like Savage did.

For some reason, the only place I ever saw him was at the Lowell Aud, a circular building with a permanent stage that was more designed for concert and theater performances.  It was a throwback to the type of smaller buildings the WWF would run in the early ’80s and 1970s before the national expansion.

In the case of Lowell, the auditorium’s layout was good news for wrestling fans, because the site lines were great for wrestling when the ring was in the center of the floor.  (No doubt the wrestlers did not appreciate this old building — I can only imagine what the changing area was like.)

I never had a conversation with Juice, which is too bad, because all these years later, I still wonder what his gig was about. Did anyone out who attended cards in Massachusetts ever see this guy or remember him?




  1. John

    I’m pretty sure I saw this guy on the subway with his wife & two kids after Wrestlemania XIV at the new Garden. He was decked out in banana colored Macho Man gear.

  2. Scott

    Never attended a live WWF show at the Lowell Aud. Wish I did. Was there for closed circuit WMII and WMIII but that’s all. This reminds me of the tall guy with wiffle haircut that you’d always see in the 2nd or 3rd row at MSG, always in the SAME seat directly across from the main TV camera. Always had the light purple Macho Man t-shirt on! Always standing up rooting for Savage and the heels on camera. I’m sure many others know who I’m talking about and probably who that guy is- or was.

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