When CM Punk got strapped to the lie detector machine, it reminded me of George “The Animal” Steele’s shock therapy

The CM Punk lie detector performance on Monday Night Raw this week was silly, at least until the end, and reminded me of a long-lost skit involving George “The Animal” Steele.

Filmed for the WWF’s Tuesday Night Titans show (think Vince McMahon acting as Jay Leno), Steele is purportedly subjected to shock treatment as a way to cure his speech impediment and raise his intelligence. Steele played a wildman-type of character who tended to yell out one or two words during promos, such as “Hurt!” or “Mine!”

This ditty aired in 1985, when Steele was managed by Captain Lou Albano and were both babyfaces. The whole thing was clearly played for laughs, as much of TNT was.

When a psychologist in the scene strapped a metallic, dome-head helmet onto Steele for the shock treatment, Vince said in his dead-plan style, “You’ve got to be kidding me, Mr. Albano.”

The skit peaked when the shock therapy raised Steele’s IQ, and he uttered in a normal voice, “How now brown cow.”

Then the treatment went haywire, Steele reverted to the Animal, and ran off.

It was stupid and made you shake your head. I felt the same way watching the lie detector test with CM Punk, particularly when Punk and the Miz traded dumb barbs about sucking.

Vince’s humor never changes.


  1. Joe Lowry

    Interesting note, Bruno Sammartino’s “last official match” at the Boston Garden was against Killer Khan on May 30,1981…

  2. Joe Lowry

    George “The Animal” Steele was no doubt one of the most feared guys ever to grace the Old Boston Garden. When he popped out into the runway heading to the ring, the crowd was always frightened in some way. He made attending those late 70’s and early 80’s shows fun and exciting. Before the turnbuckle and good guy turn, he made sure each opponent suffered enough in his matches. His battles against Sammartino and Backlund were memorable. Of course his tenure as a high school principal made his summertime schedule very hectic. Of course it was fitting that Bruno Sammartino chose him for his retirement match in NJ back in 1981. The hair, the tongue and of course his mannerisms made him look like his character…The Animal!!

  3. J.Cee

    One of the more unorthodox wrestlers…George was often known to make utterances of “ay”, “no”, “you” and even “Daddy-O.” His movie roles include his portrayal of Tor Johnson, and though he is best known for his turnbuckle pad fetish, his verbal capacity declined over the years until he became smitten with ‘Lizbeth’–much to the chagrin of her husband. The modified form of ECT featured in this YouTube clip is not included in the DSM IV, and thus is not recommended for home use. Behind his madcap gaze lies the heart of an innocent man; this notwithstanding, patients with similar tendencies receive SSI and exist in a malaise of psychotropic medications.

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