On this day in 1984, Hogan and Piper fought their last singles match in Boston

It was 28 years ago today – on November 3, 1984 –that  Hulk Hogan fought Rowdy Roddy Piper at the monthly Saturday night house show at the old Boston Garden.

Not surprisingly, the match drew a healthy 15,635 fans to the Garden, according to the Boston Globe sports section, which used to run the results and attendance on Sunday morning. I took notes on the results back when I was in my teens, and still have them today in a notebook.

This was a rematch from the prior month, when Piper defeated Hogan by countout in their first Boston meeting (and what may have been, according to The History of WWE website, the first bout between the two ever).

What I remember most about the November rematch is that it was the last time Hogan and Piper squared off in Boston and perhaps all of New England.

This match came months before the famous War to Settle the Score that took place about three months later in Madison Square Garden, which set up the first WrestleMania.

In the Boston rematch, Piper was disqualified for some reason or other. Piper rarely lost matches by pinfall in the WWF, even to the top star. And in 1984, Piper was on fire as a heel, having come off the angle of a lifetime when he smashed the coconut over Jimmy Snuka’s head.

Hogan and Piper did appear in the ring together one more time in Boston in 1987, teaming in a six-man tag-team elimination match, pairing with Billy Jack Haynes to defeat Adrian Adonis, Hercules, and Paul Orndorff.

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  1. Joe Lowry

    Aaaahh the War to Settle The Score. One of Vinces unbelievable coronations involving the Rock n Roll connection. MTV played a HUGE part in this production. WWF Skyrocketed to the top with the publicity and storylines.Dick Clark presenting Lou Albano with a prestigous award only to have it slammed over his head by Piper. Of course Cyndi Laupers involvement was huge. Thus the famous Mr. T rescue was also broadcast on MTV. It was also around this time when ABC’s 20/20 reporter John Stossell got slapped upside the head by Dr. D – David Schultz. That made headlines all over the nation.I remember each week something new happening in main stream media. It was a great time for the fans back then..Hence the healthy 15,000 plus attendance at Boston Garden house shows.

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