Jim Powers of the Young Stallions is hospitalized with an infection

Former WWF upper-tier prelim wrestler Jim Powers made the news earlier this week with word that he was in the hospital with a serious infection following hip replacement surgery.

“[Powers] is currently in a rehab facility receiving antibiotics through an IV,” according to the Wrestling Observer website. “He is expected to be in the facility for at least another two weeks and then will have to get another hip surgery.”

Powers was an S.D. Jones-level star in terms of pushes and career success in the WWF. He generally lost, but on occasion received a push that didn’t take him far. Still, he is remembered by almost any fan who watched WWF syndicated shows in the 1980s because he was always on TV.

At some point in the early ‘80s, Powers left the WWF, and I distinctly remember coming into Fritz Von Erich’s World Class Championship Wrestling with something of a push. I recall some vignettes in which he actually got to talk. Alas, he didn’t last long in World Class before returning to the WWF.

His biggest spotlight in the WWF came in 1987, when he teamed with Paul Roma, another young, handsome guy who rarely won a match, and together they formed the Young Stallions team. The Stallions were portrayed as two hungry up-and-comers, and they may have even received at few shots at the WWF Tag Team Titles, but were never seen as a real threat.

Still, the Stallions were in the two 10-team Survivor Series matches in 1987 and 1988, which still stick in my mind. The Stallions broke up in 1989, with Roma going heel and eventually teaming with Hercules to form Power and Glory.

Powers returned to the prelim ranks, and eventually departed the WWF for work on the independent scene and WCW.

But he never really achieved star status, and I’m not sure why. He had a good look with the long hair and chiseled physique, and in the ring he seemed solid enough. He was on the smaller side compared to some of the big guys in the WWF, but by the mid-1990s, wrestling had changed so much that smaller guys rose in the ranks. But not Powers for some reason.

I hope Powers’ hospitalization is only a brief one.

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  1. rufas2000

    I remember on WWF TV seeing Jim Powers (or SD Jones before him) meant that at least the loser would get some offense, you could see some great heel selling.

    Hope he’s doing better.

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