Digging up the house show Event Centers with Sean Mooney

Atlee Greene over at the cool Midnight Logic blog wrote a post recently that brought back memories, as Greene often does: He talked about the Event Centers with Sean Mooney.

Mooney was a WWF interviewer who played a straight man to the crazy, cartoonish personalities of the late 1980s. The Event Center was a rendition of the house show promos, during which Mooney ran down the card for the local arena — in my case, the old Boston Garden.

The house show promos we used to get during Saturday morning wrestling on Channel 56 in Boston were fun, and there were some great moments. In today’s WWE atmosphere, it would be hard to replicate them because by their nature, house show promos rely on the idea that a card is going to be known in advance. We all know how that works in 2012 for house shows.

Mooney, who has a legitimate background in broadcasting, eventually took a more professional route and left the WWF for TV news. I’ll never forget when he showed up in the late ’90s as an anchor on WBZ Channel 4 in Boston, which is one of the big network affiliates. “Hey, wait a minute, that’s Sean Mooney!”

These days, Mooney is an anchor in Tucson, AZ (where my wife’s uncle lives, and during his eulogy of his late father, mentioned how his dad sold programs to wrestling shows in Rochester, NY). Mooney looks good and clearly survived his time in the WWE.



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  2. Jeremy

    I heard an interview with him not too long back, I always though he resented the business but as it explained it the people that he was working for tried to brush that aside. He says he still gets a few of the old trading cards in the mail every month and he’ll gladly sign them and return them if he gets them. Came across as real likeable.

  3. Joe Lowry

    Wow thats a good remember when, Sean Mooney and the “events center.” I too recall Sean Mooney showing up on WBZ TV 4 as a news anchor and was like “what?” Of course back then whenever a professional wrestling personaity (wrestler or announcer) showed up outside the confines of their profession it was a shock. I personally, miss Howard Finkel and his voiceovers during Saturday morning wrestling when he would announce the upcoming house shows during the first match of the program. Good Stuff!!

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