7 WWF stars from the 1980s who could have helped the Boston Celtics

With the Boston Celtics battling it out with the Miami Heat in the NBA East Finals, I wondered about what nostalgic reinforcement the WWF could have provided the Celts from decades past:

  • Andre the Giant: A big guy who can’t move very well sounds like the obvious player to set the pick.
  • Mr. Perfect: We have proof from the TV vignettes in the late 1980s – this guy never missed a three-pointer.
  • Hulk Hogan: Hogan always rocked it in a headband, and it’s not hard to imagine the Garden home crowd getting behind Hogan when he “Hulked up” for a big comeback on the court.
  • Ricky Steamboat: The perfect guy to play off of Rajon Rondo’s great timing, always there to catch Rondo’s pass or be in the right position.
  • Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart: Sure, Neidhart wasn’t too tall, but he never missed catching Jimmy Hart’s megaphone, so surely that skill translates to basketball. Plus, how would anyone on the Heat hit a free throw if the Anvil was on the side stroking his beard and cackling?
  • Randy “Macho Man” Savage: Savage seems like the guy would be bounding down the court looking for the wild pass and then hitting a lay-up. But if any of the Heat looked the wrong way at Miss Elizabeth at courtside, Savage would grab her and escort her back through the curtain to the dressing room.
  • Bobby “The Brain” Heenan: Yes, Doc Rivers has got the game planning under control, but it wouldn’t it have been great to see Heenan cut one of his promos on the refs down in Miami during last week’s games?

Best of the luck to the Celtics, who own a big piece of the old Boston Garden atmosphere that I loved.

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