Yes, you really can buy a Fuji Vice T-shirt

I love checking out the alternative wrestling T-shirts for sale at the website.

The name of the site stems from the Brutus Beefcake talk show that used to run on WWF television, which was called the Barber Shop. The Rockers, Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels, had their big break up in 1991 on the Barber Shop, when Michaels threw Jannetty through a glass window that was part of the set.

The site sells a crazy array of shirts, and there is an definite nod to 1980s wrestling with many of the designs. For example, you can purchase T-shirts that mention:

  • Fuji Vice, one of the classic skits from the 1980s involving Magnificent Muraco and Mr. Fuji
  • A Monsoon-Heenan 2012 political election design, which is very clever
  • Jive Soul Bro, which is a reference to manager Slick’s terrible tune
  • The Ronnie Garvin stomp
  • Mr. #1 derful, which is what “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff often had written on the back of his tights
  • A silhouette of Vince McMahon in a three-piece suit circa 1987 with the classic line, “What a Maneuver!”

These T-shirts are funny and clearly designed by people with good memories.


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