Jimmy Jack Funk: The runt of the Funk family

In the mid-1980s, the WWF was lucky enough to host the famous Funk brothers, Terry and Dory, Jr. (who went by the name Hoss Funk).

And then … there was Jimmy Jack Funk.

Jimmy Jack wasn’t really a Funk, and was originally known as Jesse Barr, a journeyman wrestler who had done most of his prior work in Florida Championship Wrestling. He was the older brother of the late Art Barr.

Jimmy Jack Funk wore a Lone Ranger-type mask while he wrestled, and made his way to the ring with a bullrope. And he often lost, which I suppose was good news, because if you had to pick one of the Funks to job, you didn’t want it to be Terry or Dory, who were both former NWA World Champions.

I don’t know exactly why the WWF needed to bring in Jimmy Jack Funk in 1986, or why Barr got the nod to play the character. From what I remember, Jimmy Jack tended to sub in for Terry, so maybe Terry needed time off for some reason. Once the real Funk brothers left the WWF, Jimmy Jack fell into prelim status.

Jimmy Jack Funk was one of those odd footnotes in WWF history. Safe to say, Jimmy Jack was the runt of the Funk family.


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