Any wrestling website that lists Mighty Joe Thunder, Baron Mikel Scicluna, and Bolo Mongol is OK with me

Wow, I just ran into a cool historical website that could easily take up an hour of your time if you’re into the various names and aliases a pro wrestler used and what titles that person held.

It’s called Johnny O’s Wrestling Website, and it contains an impressive list of more than 2,500 wrestlers, past and present, from the WWF, NWA, and other groups.

I decided to give Johnny O’s a test drive to see if it included any listing for, ahem, Mighty Joe Thunder, a favorite among readers of my site based on how many times people end up on my blog after Googling Thunder’s name. And sure enough, Thunder does show up on Johnny O’s site as one of the aliases of Bob Stanlee.

Baron Mikel Scicluna’s runs as a U.S. and WWF Tag Team Champion also come up — the sign of a quality historical website, no doubt. Did you know Scicluna’s average time holding a championship was 75 days?

Finally, I searched for Ax of Demolition, who is well known for having many different monikers during his career. Sure, Johnny O’s site listed the Masked Superstar as one of those aliases, but I was also mighty happy to see Bolo Mongol noted as a name. You are digging pretty far back to turn up Bolo Mongol.

Johnny O, congrats on a comprehensive and entertaining pit stop for wrestling fans.

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