Superfly Snuka says his autobiography is coming in 2012

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is a popular topic on his blog thanks to his legendary run in the WWF from 1982 through 1985.

If you’re wondering what Snuka looks like now and what he’s up to, check out this recent interview clip on YouTube:

Snuka says he is coming out with an autobiography in 2012. He promises fans in language that only Snuka can speak, “I know you people are gonna want to know the truth on this brudda, the one and only, the ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Sunka. He’s gonna let it all loose, brudda.”

We’ll see. I think the water mark many hardcore fans will judge this book by is whether and how Snuka addresses allegations he was somehow involved in the death of a girlfriend in 1983, which journalist Irv Muchnick detailed in his great article, “Superfly Snuka and the Groupie.”

The Wrestling Observer reported that Snuka just had ankle replacement surgery, which explains the cast on Snuka’s leg in this video. Snuka will turn 69 in May, which kills me because that means at the height of his WWF popularity, he was already 40.


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