Flair chasing Slater with a baseball bat — that was NWA wrestling

All the hoopla about the Four Horsemen getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year got me nostalgic for the old NWA of the 1980s — the period during which the Horsemen ruled.

Those halcyon days resulted in an article I wrote for the great Camel Clutch Blog called, “21 Reasons You Are an Old-School Fan of 1980s NWA wrestling.”

For example, the scene of Ric Flair chasing Dirty Dick Slater with a baseball bat is something you simply would never have seen in early ’80s WWF wrestling.

Thanks to Eric at the Camel Clutch Blog for publishing my piece and his continued support of my blog. Camel Clutch is also a good spot to read plenty of coverage about the 2012 Superbowl match-up between the Patriots and the Giants.


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