Frankie Williams tells Piper, “I’m not afraid of nobody!”

One of the greatest Piper’s Pits ever didn’t have a major star as a guest, or even an important angle.

Instead, Rowdy Roddy Piper interviewed jobber Frankie Williams, a decidedly average looking guy with bags under his eyes who was billed from Columbus, OH. Anyone who watched WWF Championship Wrestling on Saturday mornings in the 1980s no doubt saw Williams lose in squash after squash.

Piper explained that he invited Williams to the Pit out of sympathy because the guy never won a match. In typical Piper humor, Roddy (wearing a Superman T-shirt) claimed to have never lost a match, and then said perhaps Williams always lost because he was a coward and lousy wrestler.

“I may be a lousy wrestler, but I’m still in there, and I’m not afraid of nobody!” Williams shouted.

Piper responds by punching him several times and then yelling into the camera, “Just when they think they got the answers, I change the question.” It’s great stuff.

Here’s a fun piece of wrestling trivia, thanks to the house show results posted by The History of WWE website: In 1976, Ric Flair wrestled twice in Madison Square Garden, his only two appearances in that arena before he came to the WWF in 1991. One of those ‘70s matches was against none other than Williams.

Guess who won?



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  2. J.Cee

    Here preserved is the defining moment of this quintessential preliminary wrestler who we grew up watching on TV or live on any house undercard in this, his 5 minutes of fame. He’s the first match on the card usually, and maybe the first guy out of the arena, but a reliable and dependable jobber in his consistency every time he leaves the ring, having been defeated once again. Yet no other grappler, or even Roddy Piper, can take away this man’s persistent spirit. Here’s to you, Frank Williams, the pride of Columbus Ohio.

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