Jay and Jules Strongbow refused to leave the ring until they got their tag title rematch

I was a little embarrassed when I recently realized that this blog had virtually no mention of the Strongbow Brothers, Jay and Jules.

Well, they weren’t really brothers, and Jay wasn’t really an American Indian (I’m not sure about Jules). But as a tandem, these guys were quite popular when they defeated Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito for the WWF Tag  Team Championship in Madison Square Garden in June 1982.

That decision, however, was overturned because Fuji’s foot was on the ropes, so they teams had a rematch on Saturday morning Championship Wrestling to determine who would hold the vacant titles. Fuji and Saito reclaimed the belts after Fuji threw the dreaded “Japanese salt” in either Jay’s or Jules’ eyes.

What followed was classic. Sometime after that match, the Strongbows held a sit-in during Championship Wrestling. They came out and said they would not leave the ring until the WWF granted them a rematch with Fuji and Saito.

Jay and Jules proceeded to sit in separate corners — cross-legged “Indian style,” of course — during several jobber matches, including during commercial breaks. When the referees came in to plead with the Strongbows to leave, Jay did this great, exaggerated shaking of his head while swinging his hand in a way that you knew he was refusing any attempt at negotiation.

Finally, the faceless WWF officials granted the Strongbows their request, and during a rematch several months later, the Strongbows defeated Fuji and Saito for good. The Strongbows lost their titles to the Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika) in 1983.

Chief Jay Strongbow had a strong history already with the tag belts before 1982, as he was a two-time WWWF Tag Team Champion in the 1970s. He also had a well-remembered singles feud with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, during which Valentine allegedly broke Strongbow’s leg with the figure four leglock.


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  3. J.Cee

    There’s a funny video out from Detroit Big Time Wrestling where Strongbow fought Bulldog Don Kent in a small shark cage with a screwdriver latching a door that kept popping out during the match. This was during the shark attack hype of the mid-70s. There was no room for either of them to move, so it didn’t make for much of a fight aside from the ref chasing the ejected screwdriver all over the mat. Well, Strongbow stepped out of the cage and the momentum sent the shark cage falling against the ropes with Don Kent flailing his arms wildly as if he was about to flip over 360 but the momemtum of the ropes broke any chance of a tipover. You could see the fear in Don Kent’s face with Strongbow watching expressionlessly, while this skinny young referee held the shark cage as if he had just averted a sudden disaster.

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