Stand back, it’s another crappy WWE Slammy Awards show

The WWF Slammy Awards were silly when they started back in 1986, and the modern WWE version is just as bad.

Yet there was the Slammy Awards show on Monday Night Raw this week — it just doesn’t seem like the best gimmick to fall back on when so many fans are clamoring for change.

I remember the 1987 Slammy Awards well. The show was notable because Vince McMahon gave a beyond arrogant, and fully embarrassing, performance singing his tune, “Stand Back.” When I see McMahon dancing in this clip, I’m amazed at what is allowed on TV:

The show also had a lengthy, multi-segment brawl between King Harley Race and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, which culminated when the pair ripped through a large video screen and tumbled onto the awards stage. That skit was at least funny, although I shake my head when I think of what a former NWA world champion was reduced to in the WWF. Thank goodness the WWF did a better job when Ric Flair defected from  the NWA to the WWF a few years later.

The Slammy Awards: Terrible back then, just as bad now.

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