Check out this video of Angelo Mosca involved in a brief, real brawl

Fans of King Kong Mosca may get a kick out of this real-life scuffle that Angelo Mosca had with fellow Canadian Football League (CFL) alumni player Joe Kapp last week in Vancouver.

Kapp and Mosca have had a long-standing grudge from a game in 1963, during which Mosca gave a hard hit to one of Kapp’s teammates, sending him out of the game.

During a CFL alumni lunch last week, Kapp and Mosca shared the stage, and Kapp attempted to give Mosca a flower or something similar. Mosca told him, “Shove it up your ass,” and in response, Kapp tried to push the flower into Mosca’s face. A short brawl ensued, all of it captured on camera and posted online.

Mosca took a swing at Kapp with his cane, and Kapp then landed a punch to Mosca’s chest, knocking him down. Both guys are 73 years old.

WWF fans may best remember Mosca for denting a metal water pitcher over the head of Pat Patterson in the early 1980s, but before he was a pro wrestler, Mosca was a star lineman for the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger Cats.

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