MSG loudly welcomes back Howard Finkel at the Survivor Series

It was so great to see ring announcing legend Howard Finkel get the spotlight for a fleeting moment this past weekend at the WWE Survivor Series, during which he served as C.M. Punk’s personal ring announcer to offset Alberto Del Rio’s lackey, Ricardo Rodriguez.

The moment was special because the event took place at Madison Square Garden, in which Finkel reigned supreme for many years as the ring announcer of all the WWF house shows in late 1970s and 1980s. Finkel was absolutely synonymous with MSG.

Who can forget his memorable way of announcing when someone had won a title:  “And the neeeeewwwww World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion…”

Finkel is one of those guys who got shafted by the WWE brass when they put him out to pasture as a ring announcer. No one since him has come close to bringing his talent to the microphone. But you know how it goes, if you’re older, heavier, or have gray in your hair and you’re a supporting actor, you’re done. Just ask Jim Ross.

The crowd’s reaction to Finkel at Survivor Series was a testament to how much all of us miss him as ring announcer. The MSG audience roared its thanks to Finkel, and if crowd pops move the barometer in Vince McMahon’s office, then maybe, must maybe, we’ll see more of the Fink.

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