Why the opinions of us hardcore fans matter little today in the WWE

I want to again thank the great Camel Clutch Blog for indulging me in my decidedly non-1980s post, “The Voice of Hardcore Pro Wrestling Fans Insn’t Too Loud Today.”

In the piece, I look at how despite being vocal and opinionated, the Internet wrestling community wields little influence these days in the WWE.

Case in point: Although many of us got excited about the prospects for C.M. Punk after his “worked shoot promo,” in terms of ratings and money, Punk’s angle has gone nowhere, much to the dismay of many hardcore fans. Check out my full rant here.

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  1. Chuck Mullen

    @BostonGardenBalcony: I think part of the reason was touched on, and that is that they “WWE” knows the hardcore audience “will always support the product” or assume so… and those types are not the target. Seriously look at the reactions to the ratings. At this point I JUST have to concur with others (CMPunk, JR, etc) that contend that the focus should NOT be on popping a rating (this is just plain stupid thinking), and the running of the gambit on the angles and ideas is without substance!

    I did some very minor MATH based on WWE reported figures for the PPV events, and I believe that they should turn the “B” level shows into either… attractions on the new service, like as an incentive to subscribe to the paid content per month, OR make them semi-monthly TV specials with higher ad costs (if of course the audience) carries it to higher levels than say RAW or SMACKDOWN does. I’m starting to believe that the smaller events are withering down the spending capitol of the viewers and the company as a whole, must evolve from the 1990’s style of promoting to a new age directive that will enable growth NOT constriction!

    The amount of money earned from these other shows are minimal… and cause accelerated storytelling and angles. The deal with CMPunk worked in an essence as he is main eventing and is the top seller of merchandise. Who says that was not the goal?? The company will never ABANDON guys like John Cena, (see Hogan) and yes they need more fresh talent throughout not just on top. But figure this, Cena basically gets the MOST REACTION period per anyone on the roster. Pro and Con. Really, what else can you ask for?

    And about Punk I do not think we have seen the last of his push, I think it was delayed. It seems Punk was programmed with Austin, but they may of changed it with the hopes to lure Brock Lesnar vs Austin not for 28, but for 29… they do need a “REAL HEADLINE ACT”. Just think about it, would you shoot, all of this, Rock vs Cena, Undertaker’s 20th, and Austin vs Punk? I believe if you piece the puzzle together, it will be Jericho winning the Rumble in a surprise entry and going on to face Punk for the title at Mania. This is what I am thinking. I thought from June (when Austin on Twitter said to Punk : I am glad to help out the ball in motion) that it was Austin vs Punk at Mania… but now I am not so sure. Really there is tons more money in Lesnar vs Austin than Punk. Only cause of the real DEEP STORY that could be told, and most likely would not be told… but still. And why do I think Lesnar might do it, he is openly talking about it, and you and I both know, once this type of stuff happens it MEANS they have thought about it. And really nothing would pump UFC more if Lesnar could get the WM rub. Under the right circumstances… anything IS POSSIBLE. I would not dismiss it. No I am not MARKING just thinking in pure business.

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