Fans take issue with me ridiculing Mark Henry’s championship win on Camel Clutch Blog

I’ve gotten a lot of pushback from other wrestling fans over my piece on the Camel Clutch Blog deriding Mark Henry’s victory at the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view.

I think Henry winning the World Heavyweight Championship is a joke — let’s face it, he didn’t win the belt because of his skill or charisma, but simply because he is a physically big guy in McMahon-Land.

Others disagree, however, and are genuinely happy that Henry won. Check out my post, “Mark Henry Joins the List of Big WWE Champions With Little Talent,” and let me know your thoughts either here or on the Camel Clutch Blog.



  1. modew's manager

    Funny you should mention MegaMan Tom Magee in the other post. Last night I tried to find what Dave Meltzer referred to as the worst major-fed match of all time. Here it is:

    • bostongardenbalcony

      Oh man, that is bad match indeed. Magee wrestles in slow motion. While I thought the botched belly-to-belly suplex was bad enough, Magee’s Kerry Von Erich-esque discuss knife-edge chop brings new meaning to the word terrible.

      • modew's manager

        There’s another match out there with Magee against Terry Gibbs which is less awful. Gibbs completely carries him. You know the story: Vince was convinced Magee was his next champion after seeing him put on a classic at a house show. It took VKM a year to figure out that his future champ was the other guy in the ring that night …. Bret Hart.

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