Superfly Snuka and Pedro Morales had a minor feud in the summer of ’82

I was on the great History of WWE website just browsing through the results of 1980s WWF cards from the old Boston Garden, and in that arena in August 1982, WWF Champion Bob Backlund defeated Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with Pedro Morales as guest referee.

This reminded me that Snuka and Morales had a brief feud in ’82 before the Superfly turned babyface. I don’t remember much about how the Morales-Snuka rivalry was set up, but I do recall an angle on Saturday morning Championship Wrestling during which Snuka and manager Captain Lou Albano ambushed Morales. At one point, Albano held Morales down on his back by grabbing his legs, as if  he was trying to apply the Boston crab. Then Snuka came off the ropes with his Superfly leap while Albano kept Morales wide open.

Morales and Snuka never fought in Boston, but Morales battled Snuka in Madison Square Garden to a pair of inconclusive finishes in back-to-back cards in August 1982. Morales at the time was the Intercontinal Champion, so it was kind of a surprise to see Snuka challenge for that belt so soon after headlining against Backlund.


  1. Terry Keefe

    I remember this well, as I was a huge Pedro fan and also a 12-year old mark who still sort of believed it was real. Pedro seemed totally outmatched against Snuka and I was really worried. The feud started, as you correctly remember, with an ambush attack from Snuka and Albano on the “Championship Wrestling” show. I watched the MSG matches recently. They were brawls basically. Not a great style match-up. Lots of punching and kicking from Pedro.

  2. Joe Lowry

    I recall this stroy line and have commented on it in previous posts. Lets not forget that during this time, Snuka was starting to garner cheers in his matches. I recall him being cheered somewhat more than Backlund during his matches with the champ at the old garden. This Snuka/Morales fued never catapulted into much cuz Snuka was already over with the crowd. It did’t seem right at the time…

  3. Anonymous

    Bob Backlund had to have a strong undercard at MSG, as per Gary Michael Capetta. So in addition to who he battled in a title match, then someone like Snuka could take on Pedro for the IC title, since both were respected main-event caliber wrestlers.

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